Seamlessly Connect All Cloud Services.

The platform enables our ecosystem of vendors, integrators, ISVs, resellers, service providers and customers to interact on a new level, opening more opportunities for growth, quickly scaling digital solutions and simplifying the buying and management of products and services.

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Take Control of Your Cloud

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Platform Modules

About Dashboard

Gain the visibility you need to manage your cloud services business with real-time access to revenue and margins using powerful dashboards and analytics reporting.


  • Dynamic and interactive.
  • Custom date ranges.
  • Multi currency.
  • Analytics at individual account or consolidated aggregate level.
  • View analytics for usage, spend, provider and sales trends.
  • Manage cloud spend budgets.
  • Tailor dashboards to reflect the most relevant data dimensions with >15 KPI cards.
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About Reports

Robust system of customizable reports.


  • Reports generation by region/user/group/cloud platform.
  • Multi-currency report generation with export feature.
  • Reporting at individual account level or consolidated aggregate.
  • Generate invoices.
  • Analyze margins by cloud provider.
  • Identify RI opportunities.
  • Calculate and implement sales commission reports.
  • Download data to CSV file.
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About Products

Products available to you to resell in your White-Label Storefront.


  • Fully centralized and integrated  Product Lifecycle Management.
  • Edit product ordering on catalog.
  • Add media files, capabilities, logos, ratings, success stories.
  • Real-time updates from admin console to your Storefront.
  • Unlimited SKUs per product.
  • Integrated provisioning set-up.
  • Capability to add EULA and misc. items.
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About Billing

Automated cloud billing includes support for multi-currency and provides clear visibility into usage and spend by customer, cloud provider, and cloud account.


  • N-tier billing and pricing (department chargebacks).
  • Ability to define custom pricing, charges, discounts and independent budget allocation.
  • Budget management.
  • Real-time invoice generation.
  • Invoice generation by product/group/user/project.
  • Import jobs.
  • Price book management with full control over pricing and margins.
  • Integrate with ERPs, CRMs, PSA and other core systems using APIs.
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About Partners

Provides access to a full range of cloud providers for efficient purchasing and provisioning of services through a single cloud platform.


  • View cloud provider program terms.
  • Select the cloud provider program(s) with the services you want to resell.
  • Click-through agreement to accept program terms.
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About Customers

Create and manage your customers.


  • Setup new customers.
  • Add users to existing customers.
  • Set spending ($ amount) threshold for self-service purchasing in your Storefront.
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About Marketplace

Simplifies the ability to learn, purchase and manage solutions with access to content-rich product listings.


  • Out of the box support for AWS, Microsoft, Google and others.
  • Access portfolio of ready-to-deploy bundled solutions.
  • Easily search for products.
  • Click on product tile to access content-rich product information.
  • Compare different product plans.
  • Purchase and provision cloud services from on behalf of your customers.
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About Support

Platform support is available by searching the knowledge base or submitting a support ticket to the platform support team.


  • Submit a support ticket.
  • Self-service access to an extensive knowledge base articles and resources.
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About Settings

Tailor the platform to meet your business needs.


  • Setup your Storefront look and feel with tags, URL, banner, logo, colors and company description.
  • Select billing options including invoices, tax rates or exchange rates for different users or regions.
  • Customize the experience for your customers when accessing your Storefront.
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Platform Values To Your Business

Storefront access to a growing portfolio of leading cloud providers and bundled solutions speeds time to market at lower costs and enables you to deliver higher customer value.


Tap into a growing ecosystem with multiple vendors, ISVs, and Service Providers. Connect with your customers on a new level to enable self-service purchasing and provisioning with your ability to set purchase approval. Integrate your business systems to gain operational efficiencies with several APIs and connector tools.


Proactively manage your cloud consumption and subscription business with dashboards, drill-down reports and trending analyses. Configure your platform experience to match the way your business works. Manage your purchases and customers through a unified management console. Setup and manage your storefront, pricing, quoting, purchasing, provisioning and billing to make it easy for customers to buy from you.


Out of the box support for AWS, Microsoft and Google – IaaS and SaaS. Accurate, simple multi-cloud bills with support for consumption and subscription-based pricing models. Manage cloud account usage, cost, and analytics in one place. Automated cloud billing with visibility into usage and spend by customer, cloud provider, and cloud account. This multi-tier management makes businesses aware of the resources being consumed from the individual account level (department chargebacks) to the consolidated aggregate level.


Easily expand your offerings with ready to deploy hybrid solutions. The platform ecosystem provides a growing portfolio of Cloud, Security, Analytic and IoT Click to RunTM solutions across our major cloud providers. These bundled solutions reduce complexity and speed deployments for high-demand cloud-based offerings. You can deploy public cloud environments within hours, saving you time and resources, and enabling you to deliver differentiated customer value.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

"As a trusted partner for our customers, we had to manually work within customer AWS and Microsoft cloud accounts for licensing and billing. StreamOne enabled us to pull all the information together and start managing our customer cloud accounts in one central location. It’s saved us hours of work per month and made a big difference in delivering cloud services for our customers.  The result is Tech Data’s platform has helped us automate manual processes which has dramatically improved our cloud capabilities."

Aaron Harch, CEO
Australia, Philippines and United Kingdom

What Our Partners Are Saying

"We needed to better scale our growing Microsoft Azure business. With advanced self-serve billing and management features of the StreamOne Ion Enterprise platform, it makes it so easy to track our costs by tag and by month – no other VAR or services company could provide that service which is so tailored to exactly what we need."

Systems Administrator
National IT Solutions Provider
United States

What Our Partners Are Saying

"As an IT solutions provider and consulting firm, were looking to provide a better backup solution for our customers. We knew customers did not like upgrading physical storage when it reached its capacity. The Click to Run solutions offered by Tech Data on the StreamOne platform provided us with a very easy way to purchase, setup and have the Azure resource auto provision for our technical team. It saved us a ton of time."

IT Solutions Provider
United States

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